A Very Special Shoot
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A Very Special Shoot

Facebook popped up a memory on my feed yesterday of my daughter 5 years ago, and I almost started crying (yes, I know, I’m a sap so daily tears are not unheard of).

It was like looking at a different person. Her cheeks puffed out and her mouth was perfectly outlined with the cotton candy ice cream she was eating. I had forgotten how much I missed that baby face.

The next day Facebook offered me another memory – this time of my mom. Again, I was struck with how young she looked (I’m not saying you look old now, mom! Honestly.) I again found myself getting teary.

It reminded me that every day that we have with each other is precious. Especially the days that we have with the generations in our family. Capturing these generations in photos is absolutely necessary – it will be a photo that is treasured by not only you but your parents and your children.

So, I’m so excited to introduce my new GRANDPARENT SESSIONS! The idea is simple. An hour spent at the park where grandma and/or grandpa play with their grandchild captured forever.

Contact me to schedule your session GRANDPARENT SESSION today. I still have a few openings left for July!