How to take a ghost photo
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seattle family photographer

How to take a ghost photo

It’s Halloween! Hands down one of my favorite holidays of the year (and not just because my daughter gives me her Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups). I love all the scary stuff that abounds. It’s like we adults have been given permission to play and be silly.

In that vein (mwa ha ha ha), I’m going to walk you though creating your own “ghost” image. This is a super fun way to capture the spirit (I am on fire!) of Halloween.

Step 1: Find a dark, spooky place. I’m a fan of hallways, but anywhere dark will work.

Step 2: Turn your camera onto Shutter Priority (for cannon users, that’s the TV – because that makes perfect sense)

Step 3: Make your shutter super long – like 30 seconds.

Step 4: Adjust your other settings so that you will get the correct exposure (this will mean that your aperture will be a super high number (around 22) – aka really small – and your ISO will be really low (around 100)).

Step 5: Put your camera on a solid surface – a tripod works great, but I’m too lazy to set mine up so my images were taken by setting my camera on my dresser.

Step 6: Click the shutter and instruct your child (or husband depending on how cooperative your child is feeling) to slowly walk into your spot (the spot your camera is pointing) and then stand still and stare at the camera.

Step 7: Watch the magic!

You can play around with walking quickly or just standing perfectly still. I, personally, like the motion blur since it makes it look more “real.”

That’s it. That’s all it takes to scare your friends and family! Have fun playing around with this. Show me what you do in the comments!

seattle family photographer

how to capture a ghost