One Simple Thing You Can Do To Ensure You Have A Great Family Photoshoot
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One Simple Thing You Can Do To Ensure You Have A Great Family Photoshoot

You’ve picked out the perfect outfits. You’ve researched the best locations. You’ve even got your sweetie on board with the idea of family photos. So, why is it that today – of all days – your children are on their worst behavior? You get your photos back and you look stressed, your children are running around like they’ve just been cast on Lord Of The Flies and your husband has a look of quiet resignation on his face?

The answer is simple: the dream we have in our heads for that perfect photo do not actually match up with who our family is.

We see beautiful photos of families laughing together, holding hands, looking perfect and we dream of our families in that same pose. We envision this perfect family photo hanging on our wall that we can proudly show off to all our guests who walk though our door. We want this so badly that that one perfect image becomes the focus of the photoshoot.

Children are brilliant. They pick up on this energy that you have – this desire for the perfect photo – and they fight that energy by demanding to be themselves instead (it might be their most rambunctious and crazy selves, but it is still 100% them). This crazy energy then stresses you out since there is no way that you are going to get your perfect photo now which makes them even more crazy.

How do we break this cycle?

What can you do the ensure that you get a GREAT family photo? Let them be themselves. 

Maybe you don’t have the kind of kid that likes to sit quietly and smile into the camera. That is OK! My child makes it her mission in life to never look at the camera and smile and I love that about her.

Let your photographer capture your children as they are – in all their crazy uniqueness. Let go of the vision of A perfect family photo and embrace the vision of YOUR perfect family photo.

Maybe your children don’t like to hug. That’s OK. Maybe they are most happy hanging upside down. That is also OK.

The point is: they are perfect just the way they are – and so are you. Let go of your stress and enjoy that chaos that is your family. Because as soon as you do, you will start to have fun and that fun will show in the photos. It will also rub off on your children. If they see you having fun, I promise, they will have fun too, and if everyone is having fun your family photo will be AMAZING.

There is no perfect family photo. There is only your amazingly imperfect family having fun together in a photo.

(NOTE: the family in this set of photos absolutely NAILED this concept. They arrived relaxed and ready to have fun together.  They let little Harper be her wonderful self and their photos reflect her amazing personality!)