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Hi There!


oct-20th-6Welcome to the “All About Me” section! I’m a Seattle Family Photographer who specializes in capturing magical moments of childhood. I’m always looking for the silly moments of fun. The days I spend with my daughter and husband are filled with laughter and play and my work reflects that.

I began studying photography as a way to interact with my daughter when she was a toddler while fulfilling myself creatively. Lets be honest – the days spent at home taking care of children are both wonderful and soul crushing. Photography was my way of caring for myself while caring for her.



It became my career when my daughter started school and I realized that I could literally study photography all day long everyday without getting tired of it.


I am continually inspired by the power of a photograph to tell the story of a moment. To capture that look in a mom’s eyes as she gazes at her child. The longing in a child’s face as she reaches for an ice cream. The pure unadulterated joy of jumping in leaves or spinning on a marry-go-round.


Photography is an art that speaks to the soul of connection and preserves moments in time that can never be relived.


As I age into adulthood, I treasure each and every blurry, overexposed image of my grandparents who I will never meet again. Photography gives us the chance to connect with those we have lost and those we love.


Contact me to schedule a session or to discuss rates and availability.