Seattle Family Mini Session
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Seattle Family Day In The Life Photographer

Seattle Family Mini Session

Seattle Family Mini SessionSeattle Family Day In The Life Photographer

In my daily life, I am a very laid back person. On my really good days, I would even call myself a FUN mom. We’ve had lucky charms for dinner while watching Harry Potter; jumped in the ocean with all of our clothes on; walked barefoot through the forest. 

But, when it comes to getting my family photos taken, I turn into STRESSED mom. I desperately want that perfect picture to put on our holiday cards and to hang on our walls. I’ve put money and time into preparing for this shoot. I’ve picked out the perfect outfits, I’ve found the perfect photographer, I even have a spaced picked out on the wall. So, why won’t my child just behave and give me that one picture???? Why is she running around like a crazy person embarrassing me. Why does my husband keep checking his watch! AGGG!

The answer, of course, is simple: it’s because I am STRESSED mom and not FUN mom. Even if I do manage to get the picture that I want, every time I look at it, I will see myself on my worst day instead of my best day. 

Why am I telling you this? To prove that I am not judging you. Even if your children strip off all of their clothing and run around like children in lord of the flies, I promise, my child has done worse. 

I am giving you permission to be FUN mom. To be relaxed and enjoy your family. It’s MY job to get that perfect photo. Not yours. Your job is to be your best self so that when you look at those photos, you see your family on it’s best day.

How will I achieve this miraculous feat, you wonder:

Through Play Based, Child Led Photoshoots. 

My shoots are FUN. Full of games designed to help me capture the moments that I want. I take my cues from your children. If they are shy, I am not going to force them to jump around and be excited. If they are crazy excited, I will use that energy to create fun situations where I know I can get the photos that I want. 

Mini Sessions are a GREAT way to get those beautiful family photos of you and those you love connecting. Because I stack them back to back, I can charge less and give you more! With early bird pricing in effect until the end of September, it is an amazing deal. 

Only a couple more spots left until they are all filled up for the year so sign up today.